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    10 Benefits of Online Counselling for Mothers

    Every year one in 5 women who become mothers are affected by issues with their mental health. In my experience of working with mothers, many may seek out counselling long after this period because they have not felt right for years. Women often mention that in hindsight they have felt like this since they had their babies.


    There are often many reasons mothers have not sought counselling, stigma, geographical location, normalising how they feel about being a mother, lack of childcare, a misunderstanding what counselling is about, not prioritising themselves, no time, no energy, overwhelm, stress, anxiety, low mood, and maybe feeling conflicting about spending money on therapy. The reasons are numerous and if you can relate to any of this you are not alone. As a mother, the role is so huge and the responsibility so heavy, we can often put ourselves last.


    In my experience taking the step to seek an online counsellor may be the best thing for you and in turn your family. I wanted to look at the benefits of online counselling for mothers.



    1. Allows you see someone with specialist training in the area of working with mothers.Maternal mental health and working with mothers is a specialist area and there may not be any counsellors in your area who work with this. You will be able to find a counsellor who specialises in this area online.
    2. Allows you to find the right therapist within this specialist area.  

    Finding the right counsellor for you is the key to counselling being a positive experience for you. Working with a therapist online will offer you the space to find the right fit for you, with there being more options available to you.

    1. Removes the logistical stress of getting to an in-person appointment without your baby or children. 

    Most mothers like that they can have counselling in the comfort of their own home with the baby or kids close by and taking the time they need for themselves without the stress of a commute to an office.

    1. You can continue therapy regularly

    If you have been in therapy and have built up a relationship with a therapist you can remain committed to the process because therapy times fit around your schedule with children or babies. You can also continue if you move or have commitments that mean you can’t make a face to face appointment.

    1. You have more anonymity when you seek online counselling as a mother. 

    There is still a stigma with seeking counselling as a mother. Counselling is an extremely confidential service however many may not want to be seen going to a counselling appointment. Online counselling offers more anonymity than a face to face session offers.

    1. Allows you the space to process the conflicting emotions of motherhood

    Being a mother is a unique role and we are all navigating it in our way. Working with a counsellor should allow you the non-judgemental space to process the many emotions that come up within this role.

    1. Reduce the overwhelm of juggling it all.

    Mothers can feel overwhelmed with juggling everything that comes with being a mother. They can be disconnected from their partner and not know how to connect again. Mothers can also find it difficult to manage this overwhelm, working with a therapist should allow you the space to process and reduce this emotional overwhelm.

    1. Provide you with the tools to manage how you feel 

    Online counselling should provide you with some tools and techniques to manage how you feel as a mother. Having these tools will mean that you find life more pleasurable and everyone around you may benefit from you having these tools.

    1. Set a positive example for your children

    If your children see you prioritise yourself they are watching and see this as something that should be important to them. This sets a positive example to children about taking care of themselves and their mental health.

    1. Help you achieve your goals

    You may or may not realise that you have goals as a mother. Counselling can help you navigate this and work on you achieving these goals if this is something you are interested in.





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