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    Toxic Productivity and covid 19 lockdown 2.0

    Do you ever feel that no matter what you do it is never enough?

    During lockdown and even before this we have been obsessed with being productive. Before lockdown, the narrative was, work to the point of exhaustion, and use any energy you have left for the other areas of your life. During the lockdown, we seem to have added all the other areas of our lives and it is becoming toxic. These are unprecedented times, we may feel like a failure or that we could have done more if we don’t bake the cakes or run the 5km along with working fulltime and taking care of our family. Some are wondering what is flawed in them for not feeling the benefits of being this productive.

    Productivity is great it makes us feel good about ourselves and builds our self-worth. However, it is a fine line between positive productivity and toxic productivity.

    Are you;

    • Feeling drained all the time and you don’t feel right overall.
    • Having issues in your relationships.
    • Finding it difficult to sit still.
    • Constantly thinking about what I have to do next.
    • Not celebrating the productive things you have done today and moving very quickly to the next thing.
    • Expecting yourself to do things that you would never expect others to do.
    • Annoyed with yourself when you don’t meet these expectations.
    • Finding it difficult to sleep

    The bottom line with toxic productivity in the era of covid 19 is that we may need to check in with ourselves and ask ourselves what is a positive level of productivity for me? What do I need to feel joy? You are human it is ok to rest, what you do does not define who you are as a person. You are enough just as you are.

    If you resonate with any of this and would like some help to find your balance in life send me a direct message. I would love to support and empower you to have a positive level of productivity so you can prosper in all areas of your life.

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