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    Get Stuff Done

    Are you a busy working mother trying to “do it all”?

    Are your to-do lists creating to-do lists?

    Do you constantly find yourself thinking about how you could find time to tick one more thing off the list? This could include the time you are spending with your kids or time for you, which inevitably leads to feeling guilty.

    Do you feel tired beyond belief, never refreshed and your patience is often thin?

    Do you say “I don’t have time” and can’t give 100% to anything?

    Would you like to feel on top of things and have a plan for how to manage your time as a working mother? Do you want to have fun, enjoy your kids and your relationship and have some time for you?

    if so……………..

    I can work with you to:

    • Change your mindset and help you feel more productive so you can truly enjoy your children.
    • Revamp your to-do lists so they fit you and your life.
    • Plan and schedule anything in your life according to your priorities.
    • Avoid the stress of having to “do it all” by examining expectations.
    • Find time for you and enjoy your kids and partner.
    • Build your resilience.
    • Feel happy and relieved that you are truly productive at work and at home.

    We will meet for an intensive one hour call online. You will have a recording of our call for future reference. I believe that everyone is truly unique so this call will be tailored to you. Start living your happy life for €99.

    I am an experienced, empathic and supportive counsellor psychotherapist and coach. Women come to me because they are feeling exhausted or overwhelmed. They are working very hard, life is super busy and they are often burnt out.

    I have my own experience of being a mother and trying to juggle everything. I took on everything as a mother, and almost burnt out, with my personal life taking the biggest hit. I implemented what I talk to mothers about in calls and it has been a life-changer for me and my family. I want to help women lessen the load of motherhood, be happy not just surviving.

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