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    I offer both counselling and psychotherapy. I am passionate about supporting and empowering you to live a happy prosperous life.

    Areas I specialise in include:

    • Anxiety Counselling
    • Stress Counselling
    • Counselling for mothers
    • Counselling in pregnancy
    • Counselling for new mothers
    • Womens issues

    The experiences of both counselling and psychotherapy are essentially the same.

    Counselling works best with people who are dealing with something that is happening right now in their lives that is causing difficulty. This is usually a shorter-term therapy.

    Psychotherapy works best with people who have had difficulties for many years and due to the length of time a person has lived with these difficulties, this would require longer therapy.

    I have also had clients that initially attended for a shorter-term therapy and came to a realization that they may need or want a longer-term therapy. This is something that we will discuss as it comes up.

    Counselling and Psychotherapy both examine and reflect upon your experiences. In doing this you will become consciously aware of why you are finding it difficult right now. When you understand why you are finding it difficult you can then make conscious choices to live a happy prosperous life on your terms.

    Counselling / Psychotherapy is effective when:

    • We meet every week.
    • You feel safe and feel you can constructively work on the challenges or difficulties you are facing.
    • You focus on the challenges or difficulties you are facing and look at the underlying causes of what has brought you to therapy.
    • You examine the choices you may have and find a way to move forward.
    • You reduce or cease taking drugs or alcohol or any mood-altering substance that you may rely on.
    • We get along and you feel comfortable talking about what has brought you to therapy. I strongly suggest that you find the right match for you when it comes to picking a counsellor or psychotherapist.

    People who benefit are those that wish to understand themselves better and commit to the process and have motivation for change.

    I know how hard it is to contact anyone for help. Making the call is the first step and in my experience few people regret it. I am here to support you to live your happy prosperous life.


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