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    Counselling for Stress

    Counselling for Stress is something that is often associated with work, however in my experience it affects all areas of our lives. We live in a world that is filled with stress and this is our normal. We were not built to live in a world with this much stress so we need to learn to manage this from an individual perspective. Counselling for stress should offer this along with building your tolerance for stress in the future. When we experience stress which is often an inevitable we may ignore the signs that we need to make changes. We may just keep going in the hope that we will feel better when we finish something or get to the end of the month or year. People generally come to me for stress counselling when they are on the road to burnout and recognise that they can’t keep doing this. They often come when they have tried many ways of dealing with how they are feeling and nothing is helping. They know something is not right but they don’t know what that is. You may have;

    • Issues with sleep
    • Physical issues such as headaches, stomach problems
    • Palpitations
    • Sweating
    • Deep Sighing
    • Muscle Tension and even pain
    • Consecutive illnesses
    • Feel fatigue or exhaustion
    • Anger and frustration at everyone in your world
    • Feeling hopeless or having low mood
    • Set ways of thinking and not being flexible in this along with thinking constantly about your problems.
    • Decisions you make may not be positive
    • You may drink, take drugs or drink excess caffeine
    • Poor eating habits
    • Stay up late and spend too much time scrolling through your phone.

    I have a holistic perspective when looking at stress management. I use cognitive behavioral therapy also known as CBT along with theories and techniques that have worked for the majority of my clients. We will look at what you need right now so that you can feel less stress and build your resilience to stress in the future. I would love to support you on your journey to living a life with less stress because let’s face it we all deserve it.

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