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    Counselling for mothers

    I began offering counselling to mothers because I am passionate about mothers empowering themselves to be the best mothers they can be.

    As a mother myself I understand the complexities of being a mother in today’s world. Working with mothers and being a mother I am struck by not only the practical impact of being a mother but also the huge emotional, psychological, spiritual, personal and professional impact. In reality your whole world is turned upside down when you have kids and you may not stop to think or give yourself time to realise this.

    Mothers have invisible loads that they take on whether they realise it or not. Mothers are under huge amounts of pressure to “do it all” and “be it all”. I am an advocate of mothers doing what is right for them and their families and supporting mothers to feel more certain about themselves as mothers.

    • Mothers generally come to me for counselling when they are feeling;
    • Emotionally out of balance and knowing on some level that what they are experiencing is not helping them or their family.
    • Huge amounts of guilt, anger, frustration and even overwhelming.
    • They are not doing the best job they could as a mother and that this is impacting their children.
    • That they are a bad mother
    • They are surviving and not living

    I work with women using a holistic approach. I incorporate many theories and models to suit you because every person is individual your therapy will be tailored to fit you. I am not here to judge, counselling for mothers is about listening, supporting you and figuring out what you need right now in order for you to be the best mother you can be.

    It’s difficult being a mother today. We deserve to offer ourselves the time to figure out how we can navigate this complicated role so that we can live our lives while we raise our children.

    Its time to start taking care of you.

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