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    Coaching for Stress Management

    Stress is inevitable, our response to stress is what makes the difference in living and surviving. Those that feel stressed may not even recognise they are stressed. They may take it as a given with the role they are undertaking or have been stressed for so long this is their normal. Stress is not just associated with work, we can be stressed about our relationships, health, friends, family or finances.

    Coaching for stress is about understanding stress, creating some stress management techniques and strategies, and building your resilience to stress in the future. I take a holistic approach when it comes to stress coaching, we are not stressed in a vacuum and we are all individuals therefore your sessions will be tailored to you. At the end of our session, you will have practical steps to take that fit in with your life, along with a support call two weeks after our session.

    Everyone experiences stress differently, however here are some of the common things that people mention when I see them first.

    You may have;

    • Issues with sleep
    • Physical issues such as headaches, stomach problems
    • Palpitations
    • Sweating
    • Deep Sighing
    • Muscle Tension and even pain
    • Consecutive illnesses
    • Fatigue or exhaustion
    • Anger and frustration at everyone in your world
    • Feeling hopeless or having a low mood
    • Set ways of thinking and not being flexible in this along with thinking constantly about your problems.
    • Decisions you make may not be positive
    • You may drink, take drugs or drink excess caffeine
    • Poor eating habits
    • Stay up late and spend too much time scrolling through your phone.

    If you are feeling some of the above and are unsure where to start, you are welcome to contact me or book a session via my appointment calendar. The investment in your life with less stress is €125 per 90-minute session with a support text/email or15 minute call two weeks after our session.

    I would love to empower you to live a life with less stress because you deserve it.

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