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    Coaching for Professionals

    Are you a professional woman who is working very hard and feeling unhappy with your life?

    Women typically come to me because they are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. They are working very hard, life is super busy and they are unsure of what they want from life. They know there is more to life but can’t figure it out, they often feel stuck. They are always striving for the next thing in the hope that this will make them happy. Life has not turned out how they may have imagined and managing how they are feeling can be difficult.

    You have considered your options many times and have even tried many things but it’s not working. You have come to this page because you need support to get where you need and I would love to help you.

    Coaching with me is about looking at where you are in the present, identifying what you need to have the happy life you want and coming up with your solutions. I am humanistic and holistic in the way I work. We can work on any area of your life that you feel you need help with right now. If you are unsure what this is we can figure this out together. I hope to empower you to unleash your true potential and to have the happy life that you deserve.

    The investment in you is €125 for a 90-minute call online, this includes a follow-up email/text or a 15-minute phone call.

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