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    Coaching for Mothers

    Being a mother is one of the most rewarding, and let’s face it, demanding seasons in our lives to navigate. Being a mother of two, I have first-hand experience of this reality and the roller coaster ride that it is.

    Mothers are generally exhausted at the end of the day, with no energy to do anything other than a Netflix binge. You may be here because you want to make a change, have tried many things and there hasn’t been a lasting change.

    You may be feeling;

    • Exhausted.
    • Worry about “doing it all” and wonder how other mothers do it.
    • There is no time for anything other than mom jobs or work.
    • You can’t give 100% in any role you play in your life and want to.
    • Uncertain of what you are doing and if you are doing it right.
    • Uncertain of how to make any changes in your life.
    • Feeling like your a bad mother.
    • Feeling guilty.
    • You can’t remember the last time you had fun.

    if so…….

    I would like you to feel as though you are living and not just surviving. I would like to empower you to make the changes for you and your family. I can help you to figure out what changes you need to make and work on having actionable steps to make this happen. I also offer the accountability that you may not get from a self-help book or a friend.

    Being a mother can be a huge load to bear and I understand this wholeheartedly. Why not share the load with someone who can help you shift your mindset, organise your life, find energy, be productive and feel accomplished.

    The investment in you is €125 for 90 minutes. I also provide accountability contact two weeks after our session via text, email or a 15-minute call.

    You deserve to have balance in your life and not just be mom/ mam/mammy. A happy mother makes happy kids, so why not make happy happen.

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