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    40 ways to relieve your stress today

    Relieve your Stress Today


    Next time you’re stressed, take a step back, inhale and laugh, remember who you are and why you’re here. You’re never given anything in this world that you can’t handle. Be strong, be flexible, love yourself, and love others. Always remember, just keep moving forward. –Anonymous


    There are so many ways to relieve Stress; the most important is for you to find your exclusive Stress Management Strategies, and ensuring that it fits your Lifestyle in the long term.  Finding the balance in life can be difficult at times and using anything on the following list can be truly nurturing for you and as an extension anyone that surrounds you.

    This list is not exhaustive, it is important especially when you are under stress to allow at the very least one hour a day to manage your Stress.  There are so many free resources to avail of and therefore managing Stress should be accessible to everyone. I find YouTube and Apps on my phone to be the most useful along with taking classes in any of the following. I often post information on Facebook regarding events that are in the Galway area which may benefit people. The list is not exhaustive but in my experience these have been effective for both myself and my clients. Many items on the list may seem quite broad however breaking them down into small attainable goals may be helpful. These will become personal to you when you look at this from your perspective and how you are currently managing your Stress.

    The Good Life is a Process not a State of Being; it is a Direction not a Destination- Carl Rogers

    Relieve your Stress Today:

    1. Meditation
    2. Relaxation
    3. Deep Muscle Relaxation
    4. Progressive Muscle Relaxation
    5. Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercises
    6. Mindfulness
    7. Physical Exercise
    8. Burn some oils or candles
    9. Bake a cake
    10. Make a hot Drink and enjoy 5 minutes of silence while you drink this
    11. Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle
    12. Time Management ensuring you allow some time for yourself in your day
    13. Set Goals
    14. Learning to Say No
    15. Stress Diary
    16. Having Humour in your Life.
    17. Playing an Instrument
    18. Working on a piece of Art
    19. Visualisations
    20. Watch a film you enjoy
    21. Read a book
    22. Conjure up good memories with a picture or story board
    23. Listen to Motivational speeches
    24. Listen to relaxing music
    25. Enjoy the sounds of nature, preferably getting into Nature rather than listening to this on the phone.
    26. Have a Massage
    27. Go to the Hairdressers or Beauticians
    28. Yoga or Pilates
    29. Chat to a friend
    30. Repeat Positive Affirmations out loud, you will find more information on Positive Affirmations on my Facebook page.
    31. Try to Avoid Caffeine
    32. Engage in a Hobby
    33. Practicing Spirituality
    34. Reduce E stress; turn off Technology when you are engaging in your self care.
    35. Eliminate Energy Drains, becoming aware of people or things in your life that are draining is the first step in this.
    36. Get more sleep. If you are finding this difficult consult with your GP or therapist.
    37. Pamper yourself
    38. Cry more laugh more and learn to forgive
    39. Restructure your Finances
    40. Reduce working hours and try to negotiate your holidays with work

    That the birds fly over your head, this you cannot stop. That they build a nest in your hair this you can prevent – Ancient Chinese Proverb


    The key to success in Stress Management

    • Being selfish with your time is imperative. This is time that is guilt free, it may take time to feel comfortable about being selfish with your time. It is important to be consistent, and ask yourself what have I done for myself today?
    • Know your Limits.
    • People should laugh 15 times a day make sure you fill this quota.
    • Love yourself and compliment yourself on a daily basis this will build self-esteem.
    • Play and be creative don’t listen to the voice that says I’m not good at this.
    • Nurture what you may have neglected and have balance in life.


    Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are- Tai Chi saying

    You are worth this time and it is most significant to realise this when you are thinking about Stress and the impact it can and maybe is having on your life.



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